Solarpunk Magazine Launch Update #7

Wow, wow, wow.

The last two days have knocked us off our feet. In just over 48 hours our Kickstarter campaign has been backed by over 200 people who have contributed over $13,000 to help launch Solarpunk Magazine. In only two days we are already more than half way to having all six issues in our first year funded.

That’s just incredible.

We can’t thank enough all those who have contributed, and all those who have helped spread the word. We couldn’t do this without you. We can’t create a new and better world without each other. And we’re honored to be part of this amazing community with you!

We have $11,000 to go to ensure our entire first year’s base-level costs are funded.

So keep sharing the campaign link, r/ting our Tweets, and hey, if there was another perk you were eyeing, no one is stopping you from making a second contribution.

Let’s build a solarpunk future together! Have a great Sunday everyone.

Published by Solarpunk Magazine

Creating a new and better world through speculative literature.

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