Anarchist Utopian Fiction? Yes Please!

We’ve just added a new perk to our Kickstarter campaign and we think you’re going to be as excited about it as we are. Author, musician, podcaster, and creator Margaret Killjoy has a new novel coming out on November 1st. Published by AK Press, A Country of Ghosts is a story about an anarchist utopia that is under siege from the outside by imperialist forces.

The book is already collecting outstanding reviews. The godfather of utopian fiction himself, Kim Stanley Robinson said, “This gritty, evocative novel explores the question of what an anarchist community can do to resist the assaults that are sure to come if any such social formation were to exist.” And Laurie Penny, author of Everything Belongs to the Future, calls it “An epic political fantasy in the tradition of Tepper and Le Guin,” and says “there is no writer working today quite like Margaret Killjoy. A brave, unapologetic, and fiercely original book.”

We can’t wait to read this book. If you feel the same way, then we’ve got your chance to get a signed copy of the book if you become a backer of our Kickstarter campaign. For only $50 you get a signed copy of this great new book, plus you also get a one year subscription to Solarpunk Magazine and a digital basket of other books, short stories, playlists, videos, and more. If you’re already a backer but really want one of these Killjoy books, don’t worry, you can contribute again!

If you haven’t checked out our Kickstarter and become a backer yet, what are you waiting for?

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