Upcoming Events for December 2021 & January 2022

Solarpunk Film Screening Join Solarpunk Magazine on Saturday December 18 at 6pm GMT for a free online screening of the film, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (watch trailer), a radically hopeful solarpunk story about rebellion and DIY climate solutions in the African nation of Malawi. There are lots of available space for the screening, but seats aren’t unlimitedContinue reading “Upcoming Events for December 2021 & January 2022”

How To Create Conflict in Solarpunk and Utopian Writing

It’s easier than you think because conflict is through character. If you start off by creating a solid character then conflict will automatically grow. Secondly just because you have a Solarpunk or Utopian world doesn’t mean there are no conflicts.

MERP is Making Solarpunk Futures Real in the Present

The Municipal Eco-Resiliency Project is combating climate change with urban farming, community resiliency, direct action, education, building coalitions, and organizational development through critical input and feedback by participants.

Review of “The Future We Choose: The Stubborn Optimist’s Guide to the Climate Crisis”

The closer we run out the clock on the changes we need to make to avoid catastrophic climate change and a total collapse of ecosystems, the greater our climate anxiety spikes, paralyzing us into not taking action. You could call it a death spiral. If we let it occur, that is. Here then perhaps is the book to kick us in the kiester with enough positive thinking to get us moving.