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We want to see more new solarpunk art out in the world. We can’t think of a better way to encourage that than with an art contest. So, we’re hosting our first solarpunk art contest!


The submission window is from January 25-31, 2023. All work must be submitted through our Moksha submission portal. Any art submitted by email will not be considered. When the submission period opens, the button below will become active.

Winners will be announced in mid February.

Submissions must be formatted in portrait layout, A4 size, high resolution jpeg or png.

All submissions must be the artist’s original work. All art submitted to the contest must be previously unpublished, that includes blogs, Patreon pages, social media, other art contests, etc. If it has already been put out in the world in any way, then it doesn’t qualify for this particular contest.

Please do not submit AI generated art. It will not be considered.

Contest Theme

The theme of the art contest is simply solarpunk. There are no other thematic requirements than that, leaving plenty of room for your imagination to run wild.

One thing to keep in mind though is that we love solarpunk art that depicts not just futuristic cities and energy tech, but which also highlights people and other creatures who live in those solarpunk futures.


The contest will be judged by the following people:

Brianna Castagnozzi — Solarpunk Magazine artist and co-Editor-in-Chief
Hal Hefner — Solarpunk Magazine Creative Director.
Former Deviant Art Creative Director
Paul Lewin — artist, work has appeared on the cover of N.K. Jemisin and Octavia Bulter books.

Winners and Prizes

Everyone who enters a work of art into the contest is a winner. You’re helping put more solarpunk art out into the world for people to see and be inspired by. All art entered into the contest will be considered for publication in Solarpunk Magazine, including works that don’t win or place in the contest itself.

1st Place
$300 + publication on the cover of Solarpunk Magazine

2nd Place
$200 + publication in Solarpunk Magazine

3rd Place
$150 + publication in Solarpunk Magazine

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