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If This Goes On (Don’t Panic)
Our editors-in-chief recently joined a couple of the hosts and talked all things Solarpunk on the "If This Goes On" podcast.
Issue #1 Release & Launch Party
Join us for our Issue #1 release and launch party! Streaming live from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook. Tuesday January 11th at 6pm GMT.
What Would a Solarpunk Government Look Like?
Solarpunk has a lot of dreams for a future we'd like to live in. Cultural and racial diversity; dignity, prosperity and a high quality of …
December’s Solarpunk Micro Fiction Contest Winners
Here are the winning stories from December's Solarpunk Micro Fiction Contest.
The Matrix Resurrection Brings Lunarpunk to the Big Screen
The Matrix Resurrections creates what is—at least in my estimation—a decidedly lunarpunk world and brings the budding aesthetic and subgenre to the big screen, if …
Don’t Look Up: Netflix’s #1 Movie takes on Climate Denial
A film about how hilariously absurd our collective mass climate denial has become.
Putting the Punk in Solarpunk
Regardless of what form the revolution that upends the current system takes, we can't help but see how punk it truly is to imagine and …
Cyberpunk Fairy Tales Packed a Punch and Left Me Feeling Hopeful
Edited by Rhonda Parrish, this third installment of her "Punked Up Fairy Tales" series more than lived up to my hopes and expectations, and left …
New Submissions Process and Themed Issue Announcements
Our submission windows are no longer issue-based, and we announce three themed issues.
Solarpunk Futures: A Fun and Creative Utopian Storytelling Game
The Solarpunk Futures card game let's players solve problems and build utopias together through collaborative and cooperative storytelling.
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Upcoming Events for December 2021 & January 2022
Solarpunk Film Screening Join Solarpunk Magazine on Saturday December 18 at 6pm GMT for a free online screening of the film, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (watch trailer), …
How To Create Conflict in Solarpunk and Utopian Writing
It's easier than you think because conflict is through character. If you start off by creating a solid character then conflict will automatically grow. Secondly …
MERP is Making Solarpunk Futures Real in the Present
The Municipal Eco-Resiliency Project is combating climate change with urban farming, community resiliency, direct action, education, building coalitions, and organizational development through critical input and feedback …
Review of “The Future We Choose: The Stubborn Optimist’s Guide to the Climate Crisis”
The closer we run out the clock on the changes we need to make to avoid catastrophic climate change and a total collapse of ecosystems, …
Respecting Animal Sentience is a Key Step Toward Building Utopia
Recognizing that animals are people too, and treating them as such, is solarpunk AF.
UPCOMING CLASS: Writing Climate Fiction in the Age of Climate Disaster
Climate change is our present and our future. Writing Climate Fiction in the Age of Climate Disaster is a six session creative writing course that …
Solarpunk and Technology: A Necessary Relationship?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is also yes. But that long answer comes with a number of qualifications that will be highlighted …
Free Guy and Building Utopia
This is a movie that lived in dystopia, but it didn't end there. It ended with optimism, hope, and a beautiful, new, utopian world.
Tom Hanks’s “Finch” isn’t Solarpunk, it’s a Solarflop
I wanted to be able to call this film solarpunk. I wanted to like this movie and come away from it excited. Unfortunately, neither ended …

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