Art Panels by Commando Jugendstil

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Panel 3 – May 2023

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Panel 2 – April 2023

How does a solarpunk city exchange goods with other solarpunk communities across the globe?

by Commando Jugendstil

The members of an Ethical Purchasing Group (EPG) get their heads together and send a purchase request directly to consortia of small producers, who prepare the orders and get in touch with transport cooperatives for shipment. Federated platforms help EPGs and producers to keep in touch and plan regular and ad-hoc shipments in the most effective and efficient way. Sailing ships, traditionally built or high-tech, ply the routes of the Mediterranean, hopping from port to port to load and unload all sorts of goods. They belong to cooperatives who collect shipments directly from local producers. Once in port, the crews unload the goods on cargo trains which carry them towards regional exchange centers and cargo railyards.

Here, local cooperatives load them on cargo filobus, which use green energy directly from the federated mains to carry them to various neighborhoods, towns and villages on their route. Delegates from the EPGs go fetch their purchases from designated cargo bus stops, on their cargo bikes, electric or not, or with carts, wheelbarrows and whatever else is at hand, and bring them to the EPG meeting hall, where they are distributed among all members. In turn, local producers hand over their goods to the transport cooperatives, so that they can start their trip in the reverse direction towards communities near and far. Exchanges are planned to be fair and equal from the outset.

Panel 1 – March 2023

How do people move around the solarpunk city?

by Commando Jugendstil

With public transportation which has been enormously expanded. Private transportation is mostly limited to adapted vehicles for special mobility needs, and vehicles are available through shared ownership schemes.

It is concert season in the solarpunk city and Webby has decided to go to the Auditorium on her Isetta EV, specially adapted for people with her mobility needs. It can be boarded through a ramp, and the steering, which features an extra wheel to control brakes and accelerator,  can be moved out of the way to allow Webby to board and disembark seamlessly. Strictly speaking, the car is not just hers… It is part of a dedicated car-sharing scheme, managed through a municipalized distributed ownership programme. Next to her, Diego, a sight-impaired musician, follows the orange path painted on the floor towards the Auditorium: the sensors in his next-gen walking stick can tell him where to turn and how far it is.

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