Climate Grief in Conversation: Solarpunk Presents Episode Four

In this episode of Solarpunk Presents, Ariel sits down for a virtual chat with Gabrielle Gelderman, an Edmonton, Alberta-based climate grief chaplain and climate justice organizer. They talk about what climate grief chaplaincy even is, the necessity of holding communal safe spaces for grieving especially for organizers, the necessity of feeling grief in order to feel more positive emotions, and climate despair as a corollary of solarpunk hope.


Gabrielle’s Instagram: @theclimatechaplain

Gabrielle’s LinkTree:

Climate Justice Edmonton (CA)

Faith Matters Network (US)

Sunrise Youth Organization (US)

*Note: During the interview, Ariel mentions episode 4.30 of Secret Feminist Agenda; the name of the theorist she cites is Eugenia Zuroski.

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