Good Water
Joseph Hope

I will drown in my dreams; the stardust, the gold of Mars. 
The unicorn returned with the mammoths. The stainless sky. 
Sweetness; butterfly season; flying flowers. A new world inside 
the old world. I want to swim 
with whales and baby sharks. I want to dwell 
In paradise where carbon doesn’t decay and ice doesn’t melt.

Joseph Hope (he/him) writes from Nigeria. His works can be found in Augur, Reckoning, Speculative City, Timber Ghost Press, SpriNG, Evening Street Press, Zoetic Press, New Verse News, and more. He’s a reader for Reckoning Press. 

He was a fellow in the 2021 SprinNG Writing Fellowship.

He tweets @ItzJoe9 & IG: _hope_joseph_writingpoetry

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