Eva Papasoulioti

We became our own workforce. Productivity
burned under the sunflare that changed everything.
The sun fed us. Moss grew on our skin, around 
our bones rainforests roots, our hearts pumped
with solar energy. Community sprang from our spines, 
our lungs photovoltaics, drinking sunrays,
processing generosity. Mirrors of a new world, our 
reflection a better self. We inhaled light and exhaled humanity.
Bloomed, greened, we understood. Work became a word
to warm relationships, our hands built only for us, created
for our creativity, shaped life, refracted might under
a blazing blue sky. Limitless. Our petals spread, faces solwards,
we turn our eyes to what we rightfully deserve, 
a sun-kissed earth where our existence simply is.

Eva Papasoulioti (she/her) is a writer of speculative fiction and poetry. She lives in Athens, Greece, with her spouse and their two cats, and translates words for a living. Her work has appeared in Uncanny Magazine, Star*Line, Syntax & Salt, Polu Texni and elsewhere. You can find her on twitter @epapasoulioti and on her blog plothopes.com.

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