Wind Farm
Lorraine Schein

Round up the tame fledglings, 
the flock of gentle bleating breezes                          
grazing among clouds in their airy pen,
and soft cat’s paw puffs
that lap upon the milky sky. 

Sultry siroccos sip and guzzle 
warm Mediterranean blues
to blast and seethe southwards,
while the North Wind gulps cold Arctic air.

Billowing zephyrs zoom 
from global jet streams
where a herd of fierce Asian monsoons  
thunders eastward, blustering with dragon rain.

Lasso and corral them all
to the wind farm
where the giant three-fingered hands of turbine stalks
will winnow and grasp them;
bridle wild roaring bronco blasts into stampede,                                     
harness air oxen teams to plow the field of air.

Then shepherd and spinwheel the gales dizzy
into electric sparks whirred to the sky
spurring bellowing gusts into voltage
to power our world. 

Lorraine Schein (she/her) is a NY writer. Her work has appeared in VICE Terraform, Strange Horizons, Mermaids Monthly, Little Blue Marble, and New Myths. Her stories are included in the anthologies Aphrodite Terra, Tragedy Queens and Wild Women. The Futurist’s Mistress, her poetry book, is available from Her new book is The Lady Anarchist Café, a collection of poetry and fiction, published by Autonomedia.

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