Issue 11 and 2024 Crowd Funder

Issue #11, our special themed Solarpunk Fantasy issue, is now available and features:

cover art by our co-editor-in-chief Brianna Castagnozzie, short stories by Ana Reisens, Ellis Nye, and J.M. Faulker, poems by Angel Leal and Eva Papasoulioti, nonfiction by our other co-editor-in-chief Justine Norton-Kertson, and interior art by Salami Alimot Temitope.

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Solarpunk Magazine 2024 Crowd Funder

The pre-launch page for our 2024 Crowd Funding campaign is now up and allows you to sign up to be notified the moment the campaign goes live on October 10th. Having a strong first day is really important to getting your campaign into Kickstarter highlight algorithm, and you can pledge on Day 1 and you don’t get charged until the campaign ends the following month.

We can’t emphasize enough how important this crowd funder is. Our annual crowd funder ensures we’re able to buy stories through the next year at the SFWA pro-rate of 8 cents per word for fiction, and that we’re able to keep bringing the same high caliber and quality solarpunk fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art we have for the past two years.

Our initial, base goal is $4,000, and essentially funds our first two issues of 2024. That means we need to hit stretch goals and get to at least $12-15,000 to keep up the same amount of content we’ve been putting out to this point. Our community of readers and writers (that’s you!) is amazing, and has come through every year so far. We have no doubt this year’s campaign will be exciting and fruitful!

This year we’re keeping the perk tiers simple. There are four main perk tiers that include 2024 Solarpunk Magazine issues and subscriptions, the 2022 Best of Utopian Speculative Fiction Anthology, and a solarpunk graphic novel, Anticipation of Hollowness, by Renan Bernardo, Michele Paris, and Lorenzo Livrieri.

There will also be an additional tier for writers to get a great deal on story edits by our fiction editors (for stories that won’t be submitted to Solarpunk Magazine) in addition to a 2024 subscription. And all backers regardless of what tier level will get a copy of this year’s Solarpunk Magazine editor’s anthology and our 2023 Solarpunk Micro Fiction Anthology.

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