Sauútiverse, Ninefox Gambit RPG, Ignyte Awards

This past week our publisher, Android Press, revealed cover art through Locus Magazine for two forthcoming projects that we’re really excited about and felt a strong urge to share with out community. One is The Sauútiverse Anthology from The Sauúti Collective. The second is the Ninefox Gambit RPG by Yoon Ha Lee. Mothersound: The SauútiverseContinue reading “Sauútiverse, Ninefox Gambit RPG, Ignyte Awards”

Huge Birthday Discount on 2023 Subscriptions This Weekend

March 14 is the day we release Solarpunk Magazine Issue #8, our second issue of 2023. It’s also our founder and co-editor-in-chief, Justine Norton-Kertson’s birthday. In anticipation of that big day, we’re kicking off the celebration by putting our 2023 subscriptions on sale for only $20! That’s almost 50% off the individual cover price, andContinue reading “Huge Birthday Discount on 2023 Subscriptions This Weekend”