New Submissions Process and Themed Issue Announcements

We’ve made a small change to our submissions process. While during our first submission window we only accepted work for Issue #1, starting with our January submission window all our submission periods will be general, not issue specific. What that means is that if you submit a story in January it might be in our March/April issue, but it might also be in our July/August issue, for example. Which issue an accepted work is placed in will be determined by our editorial team.

Another small change we’ve made is that we’ve eliminated the Flash Fiction submission portal. We still accept flash fiction. If your story is between 100-1500 words (i.e. flash fiction), it can be submitted through the Fiction submission portal.

We also have a a number of themed issues to announce, and we hope you’ll be as excited about them as we are. In 2022 three out of our six issues will be themed. Issue #s 1, 2, and 3 will be open non-themed issues. Issue #s 4, 5, and 6 will be themed.

So what are the themes?

Issue #3: Colorful Roots

For our July/August issue themed “Colorful Roots,” we will only be accepting submissions from people of color. Yet to be announced BIPOC guest editors will join the BIPOC editors on the Solarpunk Magazine editorial team to curate this issue of works that show what solarpunk futures might look like for communities of color.

Issue #5: Solarpunk Labor

For our September/October issue, which comes out around Labor Day, we’re teaming up with Jobs with Justice and PTO Magazine for a special issue of stories, poems, articles, and art depicting what work and the economy might look like in a solarpunk future. Some questions to consider include but aren’t limited to:

What kind of jobs exist in a solarpunk future? Who does those jobs? How is work distributed? Do people work for money like they do today? What form does the general economy take? How are people protected from economic exploitation?

Issue #6: Lunarpunk

For November/December, our final issue of the year during the dark time of the year, we’re going to explore solarpunks budding sibling genre, Lunarpunk.

For this issue we want stories, poems, and art that show us Solarpunk communities at night. What future, fossil fuel-free technologies bring solarpunk cities to life at night? What do people do in a solarpunk/lunarpunk nightlife? What do future solarpunk communities look like on the moon? What do the spiritual beliefs and aspects of life in future solarpunk communities look like? How is the lunarpunk aesthetic similar to and different from that of solarpunk?

If you submit a piece that was written with one of our themed issues in mind, the process is the same as for regular submissions. Use the same Moksha submission portals, but please use one of the following hashtags in your cover letter to indicate to us that your pieces was created with one of our themed issues in mind:


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