Only 16 Hours Left to Back Solarpunk Magazine 2023

Our 2023 Kickstarter is wrapping up! We funded at our initial goal of $8,000 a couple weeks ago. Yesterday we hit our first stretch goal at $10k and unlocked a series of how-to solarpunk zines that will be added to all backers’ perk haul.

Now with only 16 hours left in this year’s crowd funding campaign, we’ve blown past $11k and on our way to our second, $13k stretch goal. If we hit that before the campaign ends tomorrow at 8am PST, it’ll unlock more all-backer content, this time a novella-sized solarpunk short story anthology written by our editorial team!

This is also your last chance to get a 2023 subscription to Solarpunk Magazine at the discounted price of $25. Once the Kickstarter ends, subscriptions will be available on our website, but at a higher price and without all the bonus content and other perks.

Don’t miss out. Join us and demand utopia!

Click Here to check our this years Kickstarter campaign and become a backer today!

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