2022 Awards Eligibility

What a year. 20222 was our first year of publication and it was a whirlwind in all the best ways. We’re so proud of everything we accomplished, including getting all six of our inaugural year issues out on time! That doesn’t mean the year went by without hiccups and debacles, but we made it through and we’re incredibly excited about what we’ve got in store for 2023.

During our inaugural year we published 83 works and over 160,000 words of fiction, as well as amazing art, poetry, and nonfiction pieces. The works and individuals who are eligible for major SFF awards are listed below.

If you’re an SFWA, SFPA, or Worldcon member, please consider nominating these amazing works, editors, and Solarpunk Magazine for relevant awards. We’re more than happy to send nominating members free digital copies of all our 2022 issues. In addition, each work is linked to where it can be read for free on our website.

Best Semiprozine

As a volunteer run SFF magazine that pays 8 cents per word for fiction, Solarpunk Magazine is eligible for the Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine.

Best Editor (short form)

As co-Editor-in-Chiefs of Solarpunk Magazine, Justine Norton-Kertson and Brianna Castagnozzi are eligibile for the Hugo Award for Best Editor (short form). While they can be nominated individually, since they’re a team we’d appreciate if Worldcon members would nominate them as a team.


The following works are eligible for both the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award for Best Short Story (less than 7,500 words).

Issue #1 (January 2022)

The Brave Dress by Starhawk
Flora 2.0 by Coral Alejandra Moore
The Last of the Mbahuku Tribe by Oyedotun Damilola
Doomsday Derby by micha epstein
Look to the Sky, My Love by Renan Bernardo
The Hilarious Inside Joke of Our Overwhelming Melancholic Nostalgia by Francis Bass

Issue #2 (March 2022)

Tillandsia by Josie Kallo
Letter to J at the Eve of the Hunt by Kristine Ong Muslim
Life in the City by Endria Isa Richardson
Light Into the Abyss by Sarena Ulibarri
Onyema’s Head by Kasimma

Issue #3 (May 2022)

Dandelions by Tamsin Pierce
A Letter to My Daughter, Emily by E.E. King & Richard Lau
Chronicles of a Compound Child by Otancia Noel
The Sky-Eaters’ Nest by Jess Lewis
The Archive of Birds by A.C. Wise
The Runner by Elly Blue

Issue #4 (July 2022): Colorful Roots
Guest Editor: Coral Alejandra Moore

Harvest Moon by Oluwatomiwa Ajeigbe
One Night At The Pájaro Azul by Rodrigo Culagovski
The Dress as Bright as Her Smile by Jo Wu
Sweet Water from Salt by Jeremy Pak Nelson

Issue #5 (September 2022): Solarpunk at Work, In collaboration with PTO Magazine,
Guest Editor: Mackenzie River Foy

No Rush in Africa by Kudakwashe S. Mushayabasa
O Cio Da Terra (The Earth in Heat) by Raquel Setz
The Emigration of Salt by Amy Nagopaleen

Issue #6 (November 2022): Lunarpunk

Sister Prudence on the Beach Amanda McNeil
Maybe We Are All Witches BrightFlame
Sidereal E.G. Condé
The Moonlight Muse Kanishk Tantia
The Werewolf of Slumberday M. Lopes da Silva
In the Light of the Supermoon Samantha Rose Panepinto


All the poems we’ve published are eligible for the SFPA’s Rhysling Award. The nomination deadline is February 15, 2023. 

Harmonious Light by Terese Mason Pierre (25 lines)
Nobyl by Marisca Pichette (37 lines)
We Will Birth Waterfalls by U.A. Edwardson (23lines)
Manifesto of Pulled Bells by Vanessa Jae (26 lines)
Legacy by Gabriela Avelino (16 lines)
Song of the Fungi by Alex R Oliver (34 lines)
Topsoil by Marisca Pichette (34 lines)
The Journey by Atreyee Gupta (50 lines)
Good Water by Joseph Hope (6 lines)
My Favorite Place by Shilpa Kamat (27 lines)
Helianthus by Eva Papasoulioti (14 lines)
Wind Farm by Lorraine Schein (23 lines)
The Lantern Festival by Ai Jiang (28 lines)
Dark Light by Alexander Etheridge (16 lines)
Choice by T.R. Siebert (LINES)


The following nonfiction articles we published in 2022 are eligible for the Hugo Award for Best Related Work.

Solarpunk: A Container for More Fertile Futures by Jay Springett
Why Eco-Fiction Will Change the World—From CliFi to Solarpunk by Nina Munteanu
It’s Time to Build Solar Cities by Clark A. Miller
Imagine 2200: transforming hope from feeling to collective praxis by Tory Stephens
Solarpunk is a Hothouse Tomato by Michael J. DeLuca
Solarpunk and She-Ra: How Netflixe’s She-Ra Reboot Invites us to Imagine a High-Tech, Just, and Sustainable Future by Elizabeth Sutterlin
For Black Kids Who Dare to Dream Themselves Heroes by S. R. Toliver
The Dark City as a Hot Place to Be: A Call for Solarpunk Noir by Rob Cameron
Lunarpunk: A Developing Solarpunk Subgenre by Justine Norton-Kertson
Free to Be… Pierce Freelon by Dominic Loise


All the artists we published in 2022 is eligible for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist.

Issue #1 (January 2022)

Brianna Castagnozzi (Cover)
Alex Ninn (Interior)
Sam Fontaine (Interior)
Alina Wahab (Interior)

Issue #2 (March 2022)

Wenqing Yan (Cover)
Wenqing Yan (Interior)
Leander D’Cruz (Interior)

Issue #3 (May 2022)

Elijah Johnson (Cover)
Giancarlo Ganzaba (Interior)
Dyamur (Interior)

Issue #4 (July 2022)

Vu Dang (Cover)
Rita Fei (Interior)
Joshua Effiong (Interior)

Issue #5 (September 2022)

Jan Erika Cruz (Cover)
Evgenia Pyak (Interior)
Hal Hefner (Interior)

Issue #6 (November 2022)

Anselmo J. Alliegro (Cover)
Carly A-F (Interior)


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