Solarpunk Magazine Launch Update #1

We’ve been out and about online and on social media for two weeks now, and it’s been a whirlwind. We’ll post updates roughly once per week through our Kickstarter to provide more details about the perks as well as about the amazing group of science fiction and fantasy author’s we’ve lined up with commissioned stories for our first year of publication. We already have a lot of updates so we’re just going to jump right into them.

Social Media

We garnered almost 1,000 Twitter followers in less than a week online. That was before we got zapped and lost our account for reasons that still aren’t clear. Oops! So we started a new Twitter and are trying to rebuild there. If you haven’t already, head over and follow our new Twitter page. We also have an Instagram page that is a week old now and has already attracted over 800 followers. We’d love for you to follow us there too if you aren’t already. We also have a Facebook page you can follow for folks who are on that platform.

The Buzz

In addition to a strong social media presence in our first two weeks, we’ve received so many private messages and emails from people who just want to express how excited they are about the magazine and the Kickstarter, and people who are excited to submit their own writing. Over a hundred people have signed up for Kickstarter updates so far, which is amazing! It’s a testament to how much folks are really yearning for a shift away from the dystopian and toward more optimistic, hopeful, and utopian stories.

We want to grow bigger and faster. If you have the time, please feel free to share our website, our social media pages, and help spread the word Solarpunk Magazine!

Kickstarter Updates

This Kickstarter is going to be a party! We’re putting together a big list of outstanding perks for those who support the campiagn. We’ll have more specific details over the coming weeks, but here is a general idea of what we’ll have available.

Of course individual issues, annual subscriptions, and lifetime subscriptions to the magazine will be available through the Kickstarter. We have first additions of a couple classic solarpunk books from the 1970s. We also have copies of more recent SciFi, fantasy, and solarpunk books that are signed by the authors/editors. We’ve got an online video meet and greet with a famous author, free admission to utopian world building workshops, story critiques by widely published SciFi/Fantasy authors, writer’s retreats in Oregon surrounded by rivers and lakes, and a lot more!

Our Kickstarter is planned to launch on September 22, 2021. Until then, look our for these updates for more information!

Introducing Solarpunk Magazine’s Founding Editorial Team

from top left to bottom right: Justine Norton-Kertson, Brianna Catagnozzi, Abriana Tuller, Moshe Siegel, Darusha Wehm, J.D. Harlock, Christina De La Rocha, Ariel Kroon, and Holly Schofield

Finally, we’ve just finished bringing our founding editorial team on board, and wow what an amazing team of people we have to help guide Solarpunk Magazine into the future. You can read more about all these amazing folks here on our editorial team page, but this an international team of authors and editors from Lebanon, New Zealand, Germany, and the US. Among the team are numerous well published authors who have been nominated for the Nebula as well as nominees and winners for a variety of other prestigious literary awards. We have a a biochemistry and ocean sciences professor, a scholar of post-apocalyptic literature, a former editor for Lightspeed and Nightmare Magazines as well as other professional editors… I could go on but I think you get the picture. The names and positions of our team are listed below, and you can click here to read more about their backgrounds and what they bring to Solarpunk Magazine!

Issue 01 is coming in January 2022 and we can’t wait. See you next week for update #2!

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