Cover Reveal: ANOTHER LIFE by Sarena Ulibarri

On the background of a Death Valley landscape, the cover of Sarena Ulibarri's upcoming novella ANOTHER LIFE features a woman wrapped in a shawl sitting at the base of a tree at the edge of a lake. The woman is touching the water and the ripple from her finger forms an explosion in bright reds, oranges, and yellows. Two labels adorn the top left and bottom right corner of the cover. The top left label reads "cover by Wang Xulin" and the bottom right label reads "Solarpunk novella coming May 2023".

We’re thrilled to share the cover of an upcoming solarpunk novella from Stelliform Press: ANOTHER LIFE by Sarena Ulibarri.

In this optimistic solarpunk novella from the co-editor of the Multispecies Cities anthology, a bright and hopeful desert utopia harbors some dark secrets.

The amazing cover art was created by Wang Xulin.

Pre-order now available!

You can follow Sarena Ulibarri on Twitter @sarenaulibarri.

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