Solarpunk Magazine October 2023 Updates

Recent and Upcoming Magazine Issues We released Issue #11: Solarpunk Fantasy last month. We’re quite proud of this issue. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, grab one today so you don’t miss out! The issue is full of stories, poems, and nonfiction experimenting with the more magical and fantastical possibilities the solarpunk genreContinue reading “Solarpunk Magazine October 2023 Updates”

Interview with Author Xan van Rooyen

Earlier this month we sat down with author Xan van Rooyen (My Name Is Magic) about their new novel Silver Helix, out this week from Android Press. Solarpunk Magazine: How would you describe Silver Helix to folks who’ve never heard of it before? Xan van Rooyen: It’s a fast-paced character-driven novel blending together elements ofContinue reading “Interview with Author Xan van Rooyen”

Sauútiverse, Ninefox Gambit RPG, Ignyte Awards

This past week our publisher, Android Press, revealed cover art through Locus Magazine for two forthcoming projects that we’re really excited about and felt a strong urge to share with out community. One is The Sauútiverse Anthology from The Sauúti Collective. The second is the Ninefox Gambit RPG by Yoon Ha Lee. Mothersound: The SauútiverseContinue reading “Sauútiverse, Ninefox Gambit RPG, Ignyte Awards”

Review of Almanac for the Anthropocene by Phoebe Wager & Brontë Christopher Wieland

With their new anthology, Almanac for the Anthropocene, Wagner and Wieland continue to break new ground in the solarpunk genre. And like Sunvault, this new collection of work is sure to be a core piece of solarpunk’s standard reading curriculum.