Get Loads of Solarpunk Magazine Bonus Content!

Want early access to our podcast? How about a subscription to our bimonthly digital solarpunk comic strip and all kinds of other bonus content?

Solarpunk Magazine is now on Patreon! Those who join us there will get various levels of bonus content that we’ll regularly put together for you. In this article we explain how our duel-level Patreon tier system works, and we talk a bit about the perks our patrons get.

Our Patreon has four basic perk tiers that are titled:

Conservationist Tier

Tech Innovator Tier

Ecopunk Tier

Solarpunk Tier

Each of those four tiers has two levels, one that includes all of the bonus content options, and one that includes the bonus content and also comes with an annual digital subscription to Solarpunk Magazine. Other than the digital magazine subscription, the two levels within each tier are exactly the same, and have all the same perks. Of course, within each of the four tiers, the level that includes a digital magazine subscription is priced slightly higher than the level without.

You can absolutely still purchase an annual subscription by itself through our website. Patreon simply offers another option for how to subscribe to the magazine, for those who haven’t already, while also subscribing to tons of bonus content at the same time.

If you look at the perk levels and it’s confusing, don’t worry. Feel free to send us an email with your questions to and we’ll do our absolute best to help you out!

So now that we understand the two levels within each perk tier, what do the perk tiers themselves look like? What are the perks? Well, head over to our Patreon page and you can view it all in more detail, but here are the highlights:

Solarpunks is Solarpunk Magazine‘s bimonthly (every other month) comic strip written by J.D. Harlock
and illustrated by Bri Castagnozzi.

•A subscription to our Patreon-based, bimonthly comic strip, Solarpunks
•Voting to help decide the winners of Solarpunk Magazine’s monthly microfiction contest
•Access to our Discord Community
•Bonus solarpunk nonfiction, art, fiction, and poetry
•Early access to Solarpunk Futures podcast episodes
•Bonus content from behind the scenes of the Solarpunk Futures podcast production
•Q&As and AMAs with our editors
•Solarpunk Magazine merch

Check out the page for a more detailed rundown of what is in each specific tier. Every tier is well worth, and we invite you join us over on Patreon for monthly doses of Solarpunk Magazine bonus content!

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    1. Thanks for clarifying – digital only is my preference. Did a 1-year subscription and look forward to engaging content.

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