Upcoming Events for December 2021 & January 2022

Solarpunk Film Screening

Join Solarpunk Magazine on Saturday December 18 at 6pm GMT for a free online screening of the film, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (watch trailer), a radically hopeful solarpunk story about rebellion and DIY climate solutions in the African nation of Malawi. There are lots of available space for the screening, but seats aren’t unlimited so be sure to register to ensure your spot.

Solarpunk Magazine Launch Party

The day and time of the Solarpunk Magazine launch party has at last been set! 

Tuesday January 11, 2022 
at 6pm GMT 
streaming live via 
our twitch.tv account

There will be prize giveaways, a DJ, and readings from Issue #1. And soon, we’re also going to begin streaming Solarpunk Magazine editors playing of various solarpunk and solarpunk related video games on our twitch channel. So hit the link above and follow us on twitch so you don’t miss out!

Utopian and Climate Fiction Writing Classes

Solarpunk Magazine‘s co-Editor-in-Chief, Justine Norton-Kertson, has upcoming workshops and classes for writers and worldbuilders. The first is a three hour Utopian Worldbuilding Workshop, and the second is a six session, eighteen hour course called Writing Climate Fiction in the Age of Climate Disaster

Seats are available now for both classes. Writers of all levels and experience are welcome. Click the links above for more information and registration.

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