Imagitopia Awaits!

Hey there Solarpunks! Issue 11 of the magazine drops September 12 (Preorder now!). This issue is all about blending solarpunk science fiction with the fantasy genre to see what authors can cook up. We though it would be a great opportunity to tell you about a new project our publisher is launching.

If you enjoy the sunlit futures, verdant cityscapes, and green-tech innovations that grace the pages of Solarpunk Magazine, and if you love the magic, wonder, mystery, and horrors of the fantasy genre, then we have an audio treat we’re excited to share with you.

Introducing Imagitopia—a fantasy fiction podcast and Android Press production.

Just as Solarpunk reimagines our relationship with nature and technology, Imagitopia pushes the limits of traditional fantasy. Venture beyond the known with hosts Justine and Deborah Norton-Kertson as they subvert, twist, and redefine genre norms.

In this vast soundscape, every short story is an invitation to “Build Worlds, Tell Stories.” Expect the unexpected—where ancient myths merge with futuristic lore, and where traditional legends receive a modern twist. From tech-savvy elves to introspective dragons, Imagitopia is a cauldron of creativity.

Join us in Imagitopia – where every episode is a passport to the boundless realms of imagination.

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If you’re an author, Imagitopia will be open for submissions during the month of September for previously published fantasy short stories up to 5000 words.

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