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Solarpunk Futures: Imagining a New World

Season Finale: Let's Talk Solstice, Solarpunks! Solarpunk Futures

In the finale of Solarpunk Presents' first-ever season, Ariel and Christina sit down to chat together about the Winter Solstice – Christina brings the scientific knowledge, Ariel brings a few book recommendations, and we discuss traditions of celebrating the return of the sun (as we've experienced them in the northern hemisphere). What are your favourite solstice traditions? Do you have recommendations of good solarpunk solstice stories to cozy up with? You can tweet at us @SolarpunkP or toot at us over on Mastodon and let us know. Connect with Solarpunk Magazine at and on Twitter @solarpunklitmagConnect with Solarpunk Presents Podcast on Twitter @SolarpunkP or Mastodon @solarpunkpresents@climatejustice.rocksConnect with Ariel at her blog, on Twitter at @arielletje, and on Mastodon @arielkroon@wandering.shopConnect with Christina at her blog, on Twitter @xtinadlr, and on Mastodon Get bonus content on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  1. Season Finale: Let's Talk Solstice, Solarpunks!
  2. How We Build Climate Resilience: An Interview with Dr. Lisa Dilling
  3. Shining bright in the heart of oil country: interview with Heather MacKenzie from Solar Alberta
  4. The Soft Glow of the Deep Sea: Talking Bioluminescence with Dr. Steve Haddock
  5. Interview with Justine Norton-Kertson about BIOLUMINESCENT: A LUNARPUNK ANTHOLOGY

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