Solarpunk Art Contest Winners Announced!

We thrilled to announce the winners of our 2023 solarpunk art contest. Thanks so much to our judges Paul Lewin, Bri Castagnozzi, and Hel Hefner, and to everyone who submitted their art. All three top place winners win publication in Solarpunk Magazine. In addition, 1st place wins $300, 2nd place wins $200, and 3rd place wins $150.

The First Place winner is this lovely and hopeful piece titled “Hand in Hand” by Sejuti Bala.

1st Place Winner: Hand in Hand by Sejuti Bala

We’re mesmerized by the Second Place winner “On Our Way” by H. Lee Messina.

2nd Place Winner: On Our Way by H. Lee Messina

We really had fun reviewing the Third Place winner as well, “Transported to a Solarpunk Future” by Illusjgabion Cat.

3rd Place Winner: Transported to a Solarpunk Future by Illusjgabion Cat

And finally, our Honorable Mention that tripped us out and made us smile, “Life in Beetopia” by Eugene Tizon!

Honorable Mention: Life in Beetopia by Eugene Tizon

Thanks again to everyone who entered art into the contest. We had so much reviewing all the work, and we look forward to running another solarpunk art contest in 2024!

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