Solarpunk Magazine Launch Update #9

We just posted the third episode of our Solarpunk Futures podcast. The podcast is hosted by our editors-in-chief Brianna Castagnozzi and Justine Norton-Kertson. On episode 3, they interview and have a fun chat with Sarena Ulibarri, head of World Weaver Press and editor of three solarpunk anthologies including Glass & Gardens: Solarpunk SummersGlass & Gardens: Solarpunk Winters, and Multispecies Cities: Solarpunk Urban Futures. We also hear a reading of a solarpunk story called “Caught Root,” written by Julia K. Patt, and read by our co-host, Brianna Castagnozzi.

We recently blasted past our $16k stretch goal, ensuring that four of our first year’s six issues will be published. With just under three weeks left, we also just leapt over the $17k mark, and we continue climbing steadily toward Issue 05!

As part of our celebration when we hit the $16k mark, we revealed the art for one of our upcoming covers. This particular piece of cover art was illustrated by our co-editor-in-chief, Brianna Castagnozzi.

We’ve added some new perk tiers for anyone who hasn’t contributed yet, or for anyone who wants to pitch in more. Among them are this really cool #DemandUtopia shirt designed by our Creative Director, Hal Hefner.

We also still have plenty of annual subscriptions, climate change sticker slap packs, speculative story critiques for the authors out there, and a small group meet and greet with acclaimed author, Nisi Shawl.

We still have $7k to go until all the issues in our first year are funded. So head over the Kickstarter page today. If you aren’t able to contribute, send the link to 5 people you know who would be excited about Solarpunk Magazine.

Join us, and let’s build a solarpunk future together!

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