The Solarpunk City is Accessible

by Commando Jugendstil and Tales from the EV Studio

How do people move around the solarpunk city?

  • With public transportation which has been enormously expanded. Private transportation is mostly limited to adapted vehicles for special mobility needs, and vehicles are available through shared ownership schemes.
  • It’s concert season in the solarpunk city and Webby has decided to go to the auditorium on her Isetta EV, specially adapted for people with her mobility needs. It can be boarded through a ramp, and the steering, which features an extra wheel to control brakes and accelerator,  can be moved out of the way to allow Webby to board and disembark seamlessly. Strictly speaking, the car is not just hers… It is part of a dedicated car-sharing scheme, managed through a municipalized distributed ownership programme. Next to her, Diego, a sight-impaired musician, follows the orange path painted on the floor towards the Auditorium: the sensors in his next-gen walking stick can tell him where to turn and how far it is.

*Note: This is the first in a monthly series of solarpunk panels that Commando Jugendstil and Tales from the EV Studio will be publishing in English through Solarpunk Magazine. Each panel will be originally published in Italian at Our Patreon members at the Tech Innovator tier and higher will then have early access to the English version panels before they are published publicly here on our website.

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