Solarpunk-Cyberpunk Anthology +TRPG Now Live on Kickstarter

Brought to you by our publisher, Android Press, this unique and first ever anthology + TRPG represents a conversation between the cyberpunk and solarpunk genres. The anthology contains cyberpunk and solarpunk stories, as well as stories of the transition between cyberpunk and solarpunk worlds.

Edited by Phoebe Wagner (who was the editor for the very first English language solarpunk anthology), and includes stories by amazing authors like Cory Doctorow, Cynthia Zhang, Brent Lamber, Izzy Wasserstein, Ai Jiang, J.D. Harlock, Holly Schofield, and more. You won’t want to miss out on this amazing short story anthology.

But that’s not all, this anthology also has a companion TRPG developed and authored by Solarpunk Magazine’s co-Editor-in-Chief, Justine Norton-Kertson!

Read the stories and get inspired by settings, characters, and plots, use them to collectively build your own world and create your own cyberpunk and solarpunk characters, and fight for the future with your friends!

This rules lite game is easy to play. The campaign also includes tokens, dice, and solarpunk/cyberpunk TRPG character figurine ads ons!

This campaign just went live on Kickstarter. Act face and back the campaign today, and you’ll receive a special Day 1 Backer Bonus Perk! Available add-ons include character figurines, glow in the dark dice, game tokens, and more!

Join us today and become a backer of the first anthology + TRPG!

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