It’s Not Easy Being Green: the Importance of Community Solutions

The high price tag of going green—not to mention the unrealistic expectations that we can all live up to the purity tests involved in focusing on individual solutions—is one reason why the spotlight solarpunk places on community values and collective solutions is so valuable.

With a Little Help from Our Friends: Solarpunk and Community Values

community and individuality aren’t opposites. They don’t need to be in competition. They don’t have to be, and we can’t allow them to be at odds with each other. We can create healthy local communities rooted in democracy and diversity, composed of individuals whose self-reliance and DIY spirit contribute to and make the community stronger, communities that are spaces where those who might need more reliance on others, for any number of reasons, can also contribute and thrive.

Solarpunk Magazine Launch Update #9

We just posted the third episode of our Solarpunk Futures podcast. The podcast is hosted by our editors-in-chief Brianna Castagnozzi and Justine Norton-Kertson. On episode 3, they interview and have a fun chat with Sarena Ulibarri, head of World Weaver Press and editor of three solarpunk anthologies including Glass & Gardens: Solarpunk Summers, Glass & Gardens: Solarpunk Winters, and MultispeciesContinue reading “Solarpunk Magazine Launch Update #9”

Solarpunk Magazine Launch Update #7

Wow, wow, wow. The last two days have knocked us off our feet. In just over 48 hours our Kickstarter campaign has been backed by over 200 people who have contributed over $13,000 to help launch Solarpunk Magazine. In only two days we are already more than half way to having all six issues inContinue reading “Solarpunk Magazine Launch Update #7”