Join us for CliFi Con `23!

Android Press just released information for the 2nd Annual Utopia Awards & Climate Fiction Conference. The conference will once again be online only, to allow for as much accessibility as possible, and will take place the weekend of October 7-8, 2023.

Nominations for the 2023 Utopia Awards are now open for works published in 2022. Nominations are open to the public through June 16, 2023.

Click Here for guidelines and the nomination form.

Please be sure to read the full guidelines before nominating works.

Early bird admission is now available through July 31. Early bird admission is $35 for a one day pass and $50 for a two day pass. On August 1st prices go up to $50 (one day) and $75 (two day pass).

Click Here to get early bird admission to CliFi Con `23!

Fighting for the Future: Cyberpunk and Solarpunk Tales

Only one week left to preorder this unique short story anthology + roleplaying game combo through Kickstarter and take advantage of the bonus perks that come with each pledge tier. Edited by Phoebe Wagner (Sunvault, When We Hold Each Other Up), the anthology includes cyberpunk stories, solarpunk stories, and stories of transitions from dystopia to utopia. Authors include Cory Doctorow, Cynthia Zhang, Brent Lambert, Ai Jiang, Izzy Wasserstein, Kevin Wabaunsee, Louis Evans, Rona Fernandez, J.D. Harlock, Holly Schofield, and more!

Then, use settings, characters, and plots from the stories to fight for the future with your friends in the RPG. You can also build your own characters, create your own missions, build cyberpunk and solarpunk worlds, and more. The RPG comes in the form of a 75 page guide book with background info, character building sheets, and everything else you need to play the game.

Funds raised through the Kickstarter ensure that each of the authors in the anthology is paid the SFWA designated professional rate of 8 cents per word for their stories.

In addition to the anthology, game, and bonus perks that come with each tier, RPG figurines, glow in the dark dice, signed books, and more are available as add-ons.

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