Solarpunk Magazine Launch Update #4

Kickstarter Updates

Our Kickstarter Campaign launches on the morning of October 1st. Let’s build a solarpunk future. Join us!

Why sign up for that notification?

Because we have some amazing perk packages, and many of them are limited to only a certain number of backers. We’re excited to share with you some more of the Grade A perks we’re putting together for our Kickstarter campaign.

Here are some examples:

  • four books signed by bestselling utopian science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson!
  • signed books by Starhawk, Alaya Dawn Johnson, A.C. Wise, Margaret Killjoy, Christine Ong Muslim, Elly Blue, and more,
  • annual and lifetime subscriptions
  • ebooks and short stories written by members of our editorial team,
  • your name in the Thank You section Solarpunk Magazine issues,
  • your name as a character in a Solarpunk Magazine story,
  • worldbuilding workshops,
  • a solarpunk music playlist curated by one of our co-editors-in-chief,
  • in depth critiques of your own speculative fiction stories by members of our editorial team,
  • digital book cover designs by members of our art team,
  • be a guest on our podcast,
  • writers retreats,
  • and much more!
art by Brianna Castagnozzi

Solarpunk Futures Podcast

Our podcast, Solarpunk Futures, launched last week, and will generally feature story and poetry readings from the issues we publish, as well as discussions of our nonfiction articles and things are going in here in the present day to create a new, sustainable world.

The first episode of Solarpunk Futures is now available through Acast.

Our second episode will be available on Monday September 27th and can be accessed through our website.

You can listen to Episode 1 here.

Coffee with Comrades

We recently sat down our comrade Pearson from the Coffee with Comrades podcast. We had a great time talking about solarpunk, science fiction, creating a better world, our magazine, and more. Check out the episode, share it around, help spread the world about Solarpunk Magazine!

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