Solarpunk Magazine Launch Update #5

Solarpunk Futures Podcast Episode 2

The second episode of Solarpunk Futures podcast is now available. In Episode 2, we talk more details about our big upcoming launch.

We also read and discuss a solarpunk flash fiction story titled, “A Distant Honk,” written by Holly Schofield.

Our third episode will be posted in two weeks, on the morning of Monday, October 11th.

Listen to Episode 2 here.

Kickstarter Updates

Only TWO days left until our Kickstarter campaign begins. Are you ready? Are you excited? We sure are! We launch this Friday, October 1st at 10am EDT. There are some amazing, but limited perks available to backers, so be sure to be there on Friday to check out the campaign early before things are gone!

Why Kickstarter? Because in our world running a successful magazine that values the labor of authors and artists costs money. We are committed to paying authors professional rates as defined by the SFWA. We are also committed to paying artists for the art we publish. On top of that, submission management and accounting software, web development and maintenance, podcast production, and other such administrative costs run in the thousands of dollars per year, and are vital to successful operations. And we haven’t even yet started talking about trying to pay those of us on the editorial team for our time and creative efforts in building and producing the magazine.

Solarpunk is all about building community. That’s why in addition to basic need, crowdfunding is such a great option for Solarpunk Magazine. It allows us to build a community of active supporters who all have a vested interest in spreading the solarpunk message. Together, we’ll make this a magazine that helps change the world.

Join us, and let’s build a solarpunk future together!

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